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— Sr. Anne Therese


Below are a few samples of watercolors, acrylics and pastels
– most on paper, some on canvas.
All are framed except those marked NF (not framed).

A Toast at the Pub
Loading The Turnips
The Flute Lesson #2
Washday in Suzhou, China
Young Chinese Lutenist
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
From Chaos To Creation
Floral Motif - Sold
We Are All Stardust and Strings
Barn, Villa Valli - Sold
Rainy Day, Florida
The Gates, Central Park
Via Doloraesa, Jerusulum

Sharing  Art, Thoughts, and Meaning


All prices are on request, so if you are interested in purchasing a painting, please see my CONTACT section to email me. Paintings, especially portraits, can be done on commission, like the one below.


If you have viewed the paintings in my porfolio above and liked what you saw, there are plenty more right here in my studio. Some place here may be a scene portrayed, or a memory evoked, in paint or poetry to touch your heart!


Also, if you are new to watercolor, pastel, or drawing and would like some one-on-one instruction, just go to my CONTACT section and let me know; if there's anything I love as much as painting/drawing, it's teaching it!


Usually, the poems are personal ponderings and they sometimes illustrate painted images, as seen below. While it is interesting to see how words and images can complement each other, most of the poems stand on their own and have recently been published in a small book called MUSINGS.


She stands there --
Ripe amidst the yellow-greens of April
            As they lean towards deeper hues.
Blossoms blooming slowly are her raiment,
While breezes seem to dress her tangled hair.

She smiles there –
Swollen with the life she bears within
            As it leans towards what will be.
Bird-songs sounding sweetly are her music
While she prepares her mother-song with care.

She sings there –
Knowing that her little one will hear
            As it leans against her heart,
Listening to the rhythm of her joy –
A promise of the life that she will share.

Anne Therese Dillen, OSU


Tongues of fire, Love-fire,
Passion-fire – yet safe!
Not with a great wind blowing,
But rather, to a whisper-breeze:

The Aeolian harp trembles and sings.

Wings of the Spirit moving,
Fanning the God-fire gently,
Not amidst sound of thunder
But rather, to soft-heard timbre:

The Aeolian harp trembles and sings.

Symbols, all, were the wind and the thunder,
The crashing of ancient seas:
Such signs were seen and heard but were not God.
But to the still, small Voice, and the
                     noiseless flutter of wings . . .

The Aeolian harp trembles and sings.

Anne Therese Dillen, OSU


Sister Anne Therese Dillen, an Ursuline nun, has been an exhibiting painter and teacher on high school, college and graduate levels for over forty years.  A graduate of the College of New Rochelle as an art major on scholarship, she went on to get her Master of Fine Arts degree at Catholic University and has further studied watercolor with Robert Calrow, AWS, Charles Kinghan, NA, and William Maxwell.

While much of her time and energy was concentrated on teaching, maintaining a consistent output of her own artwork for exhibit and sale has made her a better teacher, enabling her to keep current and share her experience with her students while continuing to take delight in their enthusiasm and creativity.

While at CUA, Sister Anne concentrated on stone and wood sculpture, an added dimension to her work as a painter.  Although she has worked in oil and acrylics, she specializes in watercolor (all subjects) and pastel (portraits of people in all age groups done on commission). Samples of these can be found in the Gallery section. Several of her works are non-objective, but the majority are realistic, often featuring faces and figures as the main motifs.

Sister Anne has had more than a dozen solo shows, mostly in Westchester but also in New York, Vermont, and Pennsylvania.  She also created a series of thirty paintings featuring the story of the Irish Famine (1845-1849); these traveled around Ireland for four years prior to returning to this country for further traveling exhibitions.

As she has been for over forty years, Sister Anne is currently a member of the New Rochelle Art Association where she has won many awards, among which have been five Jules Bauer awards for best watercolor.  She has often been a juror for their annual juried show and has been a judge for other art associations in Westchester County.

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